As a UNESCO world heritage site bordered by the Cher River, this boatmen village is an invitation to take your time along the “Loire à Vélo” trail. Its exceptional situation, between the hillside and the sand peninsula shaped by the confluence of the Loire and the Cher, offers you a lovely green surrounding in one of the most beautiful villages of the Loire Valley.

Nestled between Tours and Villandry, you will enjoy the advantages of the city (15 min) and the proximity of the gardens and castle of Villandry (5min). The Petrifying Caves are testament to the rich historical and cultural heritage of the site. In Savonnières, you will find some places to relax, a weekly market, shops, bank and health services, essential to an enjoyable stay. You could appreciate the flavours of Touraine on terrace, in a gourmet restaurant or a brasserie.

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La Loire à vélo

The “Loire à Vélo” is an 800km biking trail along the longest wild river of Europe and along the GR3. Our guesthouse – situated less than 2km far from it – is a lovely stopover for the cyclists, the hikers and the pilgrims.

Castels and gardens

At the heart of the Loire Valley, we are ideally situated for you to discover the most prestigious or cosiest castles and gardens of the region.

West and Southwest
Château et jardins de villandry à 5 km
Domaine de Candé à 14 km
Château d’azay-le-Rideau à 16 km
Château de Lislette à Azay-le-Rideau à 16 km
Jardins de la Chatonnière à 17 km
Château de Langeais à 17 km
Château de Luynes à 20 km
Château et jardins de Rigny-Ussé à 27 km
Forteresse Royale de Chinon à 37 km
Château et jardins du Rivau à 46 km
Château de Montsoreau à 48 km
Abbaye de Fontevraud à 52 km
Château de Saumur à 59 km
Château de Brézé à 61 km
Château de Montreuil Bellay à 70 km

Demeure de Ronsard à 10 km
Forteresse du Faucon Noir, Montbazon à 18 km
Jardins de la Bourdaisière à Montlouis sur Loire 24 km
Jardins de Valmer à Vernou sur Brenne 37 km
Château d’Amboise à 37 km
Château du Clos Lucé à 38 km
Château de Loches à 47 km
Château et jardins de Chenonceau à 49 km
Château et jardins de Chaumont sur Loire à 54 km
Château de Montpoupon à 60 km
Château de Montrésor à 65 km

Museums and unusual detours

Inhabited for many years, the succession of populations is testament to the wealth of the Loire Valley. The region of Touraine reveals itself to be a land of battles as well as cultural and artistic inspiration, sometimes the scene of Middle Ages wars between England and France, sometimes the place of royal holidays since the Renaissance. It is also the land of the French way of life, embodied by writers, scientists and poets like Rabelais, Ronsard, Descartes, Balzac and Anatole France…

Grottes pétrifiantes à Savonnières à 2,5 km
Demeure de Ronsard, La Riche à 10 km
Musée du campagnonage, Tours à 14 km
Musée Balzac, Saché à 14 km
Les Goupillières, Azay le Rideau à 19 km
Musée de l’osier et de la Vannerie, Vilaines-les-Rochers à 24 km
Abbaye et musée des arts et traditions populaires, Bourgueil à 36 km
L’écomusée du Véron à Savigny en Véron à 42 km
Musée Rabelais, Seuilly à 46 km
Picroboule, Centre historique de la boule de Fort, Lerné à 50 km
Musée et ville de Richelieu, Richelieu à 51 km
Musée Descartes, Descartes à 59 km
Musée de la préhistoire, Le Grand Pressigny à 63 km
And many abbeys which reveal a powerful monastical activity…


Situated near Savonnières (15km), Tours is the city of Saint Martin and an ancient royal capital. Its remarkable history contributes to its reputation of cultural and touristic pole in the Loire Valley. The many festivals and conferences happening in Tours as well as the brand new tramline are testaments to the modernity of this city of Arts, History and Culture and contribute to its international standing.

Although the scars of the World War Two are still visible, some historical, cultural, commercial and university areas are still particularly lovely. The neighbourhood of Plumereau will take you to the Middle Ages with its wonderful half-timbering houses and its animated bars and restaurants. Not far from this place, the cover market will enchant your senses with its explosion of colours, flavours and fragrances. The Cathedral Saint-Gatien of Tours and the adjacent streets are an invitation to discover the main points of the city: the castle, the museums, antique ruins, the theatre, the cinema, and the Contemporary Creation Centre.

Sport activities and cultural animations

If you wish to discover the region differently, you should try some of the activities proposed around Savonnières (<10km): biking, horse riding, tennis, canoe-kayak, squash and golf.

Let’s discover all the festivals and cultural animations in Savonnières and its surrounding.

Wines and gastronomy in Touraine

The Loire Valley is the 3rd greatest wine region in France. It is a place where smoothness and coolness, Arts and Literature, tradition and modernity match in perfect harmony.

These balanced combinations – stimulated by the tempered climate and sumptuous terroirs – give birth to a great diversity of wines. The “vineyards road” of Touraine is the longest in France with its 800km length. The single cépage valorises the originality of ours terroirs and the passion of our winegrowers. It offers a very diverse range of wines of a high quality gourmet, tasty, sparkling in turns. The richness of the “French Gardens” is made of many varieties of wine: Chenin, Cabernet, Gamay, Sauvignon, Black Pinot and Grolleau.

Land of confluence for travellers of the world, it welcomes authenticity, curiosity and creativity into its midst to pass the love of the fresh products and traditional savoir-faire on to our visitors. According to your tastes and your wishes, we will be glad to advise you in your search for good addresses, ambassadors of our way-of-life.